Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thinspiration, Weekly HSGD Summary, & News :)

Week 3

Weigh-in (January 29, 2012)

Weight: 126.5

BMI: 19.23

Bust: 32.5

Waist: 24.5

Hips: 35.5

Waist-to-hip ratio: .69

Mon 30: 890/900

Tues 31: 782/800

Wed 1: 1079/900

Thurs 2: 993/950

Fri 3: 978/1000

Sat 4: 1013/1100

Sun 5: 1135/1150

Weekly calorie total: 6870/6800

Cardio 1: 60 mins ballet/30 mins

Cardio 2: 70 mins ballet/30 mins

Cardio 3: 70 mins ballet/30 mins

Weekly cardio total: 200/90

There is NOTHING more inspiring than fashion. Karlie Kloss is particularly fantastic (top three photos). I think I may have found a new favorite!!

The HSGD went pretty well this week. I still went over my weekly calories but I went over in exercise, as usual. So far I've been losing weight so we'll see what tomorrow brings!!

EXCITING NEWS!! My fiance and I found a house that we really like. We are signing the lease on Friday!! We'll be sharing the house with a close friend. It's perfect because it's right in between the university and downtown. The lease starts this summer and I can't wait. I can kiss this long-distance relationship with my boyfriend goodbye :)

I hope everyone is doing well! Stay strong and stick to your goals. With enough determination, you can achieve anything!!

Kayla Marie (Lita)


  1. cute!!!


  2. Great pics and congratulations on the house! That must be great to finally move in together. Good luck on the move!