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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fulfillment and Fashion


Weight: 120.5
BMI: 18.3

Due to the fact that I lost a pound since yesterday (and I've been craving food ever since last night), I decided not to do my water fast today. It looks like my 1200 calorie intake, 500 calorie outtake plan is working for me! So I'm going to stick with it and not take the risk of fasting and then binging right away afterwards. I like how steady my diet has been and how well I've been able to follow it.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, and I love the way I look. All this hard work is paying off!! My abs are becoming more defined, and my torso looks longer because of it. My whole body looks longer and leaner from all the cardio/weight work I've been doing. It's so fulfilling!!

SimplyHeather: Thanks so much, dear!! It feels so good to know I'm inspiring someone. That's the most I could ever wish for :)

I guess this post is mainly just to tell you guys how happy I am right now and to share some amazing photos with you :) Enjoy!!

Love always,


Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Shoot Prep-time!

Hello ladies!


Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5

I'm glad to be back to my preferred BMI of 18.5, because Sunday is photo shoot day! I plan on doing a water fast, burning about 500 calories, and getting about 10 hours of beauty sleep in preparation for it (wonder how much weight I will lose...)! I'm so excited because it is going to be an all-day photo shoot, so I'll have a lot of chances to try new poses.

coffeeXandXcigarettes: Thank you so much for your comment! A girl can't hear those words enough :)

Almost.Skinny: Thank you so much!! Also thank you specifically for commenting on how I eat enough calories... that segways perfectly into my next topic!

I have started eating the bare minimum amount of calories claimed by medical authorities to be healthy for a woman to eat daily: 1200 calories. I have found it to be more than enough calories and it allows me to splurge on junk food, too, if I want! (Although I have been eating mostly healthy foods- whole grains, fruits and veggies, and vegetable protein) Also I've been burning about 500 calories a day through cardio work, weight training and stretching. It's the best combination for me that I've found so far. I think I'm going to stick to it for awhile.

Peace, and stay thin!


p.s... the photos are some poses I found particularly inspiring for my up-coming photo shoot :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It seems I've been too lenient:

Weight: 123.5
BMI: 18.8

I know it's my fault, and I'm going to fix it today. Here's the plan:

Intake: About 1200 calories
Outtake: About 500 calories
Net: 700 calories

I know I've been eating too much junk food lately, even though I've been working out fantastically and that feels great. But does the weight gain feel great? Not so much. I'm going to kick that 1.5 pounds in the butt.

Peace ladies,


p.s... yay for more spring fashion! I especially love the red Marc Jacobs dress :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011


Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5

I feel great today. I've been restricting my calories and it's been great for me because it makes my tummy feel flat, not bloated, all day long. I also feel great because I've been building muscle so my clothes fit and look better. I've been sleeping better, too, and having really vivid dreams. Like my dream last night... we won't get into that. This is a fitness/fashion blog, after all!!

I've come up with my plan for this week!

Intake: Restrict my calorie intake by 500 calories everyday. That means today I'm allowed about 1700 calories.
Outtake: Burn 250-500 calories per day. I plan on doing 35 minutes of weights, 20 minutes of cardio, and 5 minutes of stretching everyday to burn about 350 calories!

I love feeling in shape and sexy. I hope this lasts. Oh, one more thing!! I have a photo shoot coming up this weekend, so I plan on doing a water fast the day before the photo shoot to lose any excess weight. I'll post pictures from the shoot once they're available! A gorgeous friend of mine is going to be modeling with me and another friend of mine is the photographer. I'll be practicing in front of the mirror for hours this week. So excited!! Wish me luck!

Lots of love,


p.s... the photos are of some spring fashion, for your enjoyment! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos of Me - On the Way to Bikini Ready

Hello ladies!

I stayed at my boyfriend's last night and he doesn't have a scale, so I have no weight/BMI update! However, I'm not too worried because I've started the popular Calorie Restriction diet, and I kept to my allotted calorie expenditure yesterday, so I feel confident that the scale wouldn't have budged anyway. Sooo I should probably explain these pictures I've posted today!

Last night, my boyfriend and I decided to do a little photo shoot. I've always wanted to do a photo shoot that showed off my body a little bit more, and that's what I got to do last night! These photos are some of my favorites from the shoot last night.

Oh, and I picked out the swimsuit I'm going to be getting for this summer! So excited, Miranda Kerr models it in the photo I posted up above. I haven't had a new swimsuit in ages and with all the work I've been doing, I think I deserve one!!

I hope you enjoy the photos, ladies, and I would be open to any feedback! Peace and stay slim!

Love always,


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back on Track!! :)

Update for today!:

Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5

Yessssssssss! All that aerobics, weight training and pilates paid off yesterday! I even splurged and ate two brownies in the evening, and yet I'm still back to my goal weight!

I'm going to go back to Target today and try on that swimsuit again. Not only will I feel more confident back at my goal weight, but I'm feeling the need for a second opinion, so I'm taking my boyfriend with me. Yesterday, only my mom was with me and, well... you know how mothers are. They'll tell you that the swimsuit is too small just because they don't like how skimpy it is. Skimpy and too small are two very different things!! So I'll get another opinion, I'll see how I feel in it today... maybe I'll buy it, maybe I won't.

How are you all doing on your journey to bikini ready? I'm extremely obsessed with it right now and I'd love to exchange tips with any of you! My favorites right now are the Self Magazine videos, especially Bikini Ready: Fast! and Slim and Sleek Fast! I have yet to try Your Best Butt: Fast! That one should be fun. If any of you have netflix, those videos are on instant watch so they're accessible to you wherever you have internet! Take care, ladies, and stay slim!

Love always,


p.s... the photos are of the lovely bombshell Marisa Miller, a Victoria's Secret model who is my height! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pizza Ranch = EVIL.


Weight: 124
BMI: 18.9

Do not eat at Pizza Ranch if you don't want to gain 2 pounds!!!

That was my downfall yesterday. I thought dinner with the boyfriend and family would just be a nice little dinner where I could order a salad or something light like that. However... we went to Pizza Ranch, which happens to be an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Ooof-tah. Needless to say, the scale showed some gain today. Ugh.

As if the 2 pound gain wasn't enough, trying on swimsuits today certainly didn't help the self-esteem. I tried on a small top and a small bottom from Target... a cute little purple bikini on sale... and I was too big for it. It was squeezing my butt cheeks and the top looked awkward. My mom said, "The clothes have to work for you, not you for the clothes" but that is not true when you're aspiring to be a model. I'll admit it, I'm a little discouraged.

Intake: Northern lite mocha, coffee w/ cream & sugar, movie theater popcorn, mashed potatoes, carrots, roll, sweet potatoes, 1149 calories
Outtake: Self Slim and Sleek Fast! video, Crunch: Fat-Burning Pilates video, 375 calories
Total: 774 calories

Here's to eating little and lots of exercise!

Love always,


p.s... the photos are Victoria's Secret models sporting some adorable swim wear. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Building Some Muscle!! :)


Weight: 122.5
BMI: 18.6

I gained half a pound. Whoops. I know exactly how it happened, too. I didn't work out yesterday and I freaked out over all my new food options on arriving home for the holidays. Cafeteria food gets SO OLD. Three meals a day, five days of the week - all cafeteria food. It gets so boring. So needless to say, I got all excited over chocolate, chips and strawberries last night. Hello, lovely half pound!

The nice thing is, I've been doing so much weight training lately that you can hardly tell. That half a pound could simply be more muscle mass for all I know! Still, I'll be going light on food today, and I already completed an hour of weight training and 15 minutes of stretching this morning. I feel great :) Only one meal so far: a bowl of cereal with fat free milk and a bowl of strawberries. I probably won't eat until I get dinner with my boyfriend and his family tonight. I'm going to kick that half a pound in the butt.

Thank you so much, ladies, for your lovely comments on my last post! You really are too kind :) And thank you so much for all my new followers!! It's exciting to know more people are taking interest in my blog!!

New recommendation: the Self: Bikini Ready Fast! video. It's short and sweet but effective, and the lovely Ellen Barrett is the instructor. I like to do that video back to back with her Slim Sculpt video. They go very well together.

I'm getting so excited to buy my first bikini from Victoria's Secret!! If you haven't noticed, some of my biggest inspirations are Victoria's Secret Angels. They are thin but have muscle and curves. I think they are some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. It's a dream of mine to walk the runway with them some day... :) A far-fetched dream, but I'm not going to deny it!

I hope everyone is getting excited for bikinis and sun and the beach!! I know I am :) Peace and enjoy the photos of probably my favorite supermodel: Milla Jovovich :)

Love always,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me Vs. Supermodels!!

So basically this post is just pics of me in a swimsuit next to photos of swimsuit models. How do I compare, ladies? :)

Of course, like every other girl I've started thinking about swimsuit season. These pictures are of me last summer. What can I improve? Those are my thoughts right now.

Here's the update, with some more interesting stats added in:

Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5
Measurements: 32-25-35
Body fat %: 13.92
Waist to hip ratio: .7

I feel so good lately. I have been doing a lot more weight training and I feel strong and sexy. I'm loving my body, and I'm enjoying food. It's so nice. I hope the changes last.

Love always,


p.s... I highly recommend the video "Slim Sculpt" by Ellen Barrett. It's AWESOME for toning the arms, abs, and inner thighs!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Goals Have Changed (plus more photos of me!!!)

Hello, ladies!

It took me awhile to post this because I wanted to make sure this is how I feel and I also wanted to think about how I am to break this to all of you. I have decided that being super skinny is no longer my goal. My goal is to maintain a healthy BMI for my height, my preference being a BMI of 18.5, putting me at a weight of 122 pounds. I am a woman, and I want to look like one - when I lose lots of weight, my boobs disappear, and I don't have that much for breasts the way it is! I would rather keep them. However...

This year for me, which has been full of weird and often unhealthy eating habits and inconsistent workout routines, has taught me a lot. I now know I have the tools to lose as much weight as I want, whenever I want, and that I have the will power. Many people say starving yourself is just awful - however, as many fasting advocates will attest, you get to know yourself SO MUCH through starvation. You understand your body more. You gain knowledge. That is what I have walked away with after years of struggling with food and body image and well... you've heard all of it before. No doubt I will continue to struggle and my goals will change again. All I know is right now...

I want to be healthy, and I am going to do my best to be healthy by staying at a healthy (but sexy!!) weight. However, I now know I have the power to transform my body into anything I desire. And that is truly amazing.

Love always,


p.s... the pictures of me are from a photo shoot I did with my sister this summer in South Dakota :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fasting Day 1/3 :)

Hey ladies!

Here's my plan today:

Intake: Breakfast at 8am, then water and tea for the rest of the day
Outtake: 25 minutes cardio, 35 minutes strength training, stretching
Sleep: 8 hours

And here's the usual update:

Weight: 122.5
BMI: 18.6

I'm excited, because last time I did a 3-day fast I lost 7.5 pounds. If I lose that much this time, I will be at 115 pounds, a BMI of 17.5! That would be sooo sweet! Here's to sticking to it :)

Enjoy more pictures of Ann! She is my favorite right now. You will probably be seeing a lot of her :)

Love always,


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another 3-Day Fast!

Hello ladies :)

Sorry for the period of no posts! I was very busy with school, the cabaret and my boyfriend these past few days. Speaking of the cabaret, it was AMAZING, and I felt so hot in my costumes!! Unfortunately my camera batteries died and I didn't get any pictures :( I'm so so sorry for that because one of you requested pictures! I tried, honest!! I promise I'll have more pictures getting closer to the summer when I am getting ready for my bikini. Speaking of getting ready...

It's time for another 3-day fast. Not for any particular reason this time, but more just because I need to, for myself. Since the cabaret got over on midnight, I have been binging like a crazy lady. It's to be expected since I have been starving myself and working out like mad for the past week. However, I feel uber icky now and fasting always gets rid of that icky feeling. So here's my plan this time (per day):

Intake: Water
Outtake: 25 minutes cardio, 35 minutes weights, stretching
Sleep: 8 hours

My reason for just water this time is that the tea eventually started making me feel sick on my last fast. Also, I want to up my weight training because I really want to start seeing those nicely shaped arms and abs again. The explanation for the extra hour of sleep: I just plain need it.

As of now, I have absolutely no idea what I weigh. To be honest, I'm scared to go on the scale tomorrow, but at the same time I'm not because I know I'm going to kick my own butt over the next 3 days and get back into shape FAST. My goal weight... I'm thinking around 116.5, a pound less than after my last fast, a BMI of 17.7. I really liked how thin I looked at 117.5, however, my desire to be thinner is getting stronger. It really feels so great to be thin. If only food wasn't so addicting!!

Please wish me luck, ladies! Only 3 full days of school this week, and then I get to go home and be with the people I love. I'm so excited. :) I'll keep you posted on how this fast goes!

Love always,


p.s... As you've probably already figured out, the model I featured today is Ann Ward, the winner of cycle 15 of ANTM! I chose her because of her amazing legs!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Total of 7.5 Pounds Lost on 3-Day Water/Tea Fast!

The fast is complete!!

I broke it this morning with a plum, a banana, and a cup of soymilk, but not before stepping on the scale!

Here's where I started 3 days ago:

Weight: 125
BMI: 19

Here's where I am today:

Weight: 117.5
BMI: 17.9

Ever since turning 18, I haven't weighed this little! I don't remember the last time I had a BMI below 18. This is so exciting to me! I feel accomplished. :)

My plan now is to continue eating a raw foods diet of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables protein, and not eating more than 1300 calories a day. We'll see where this takes me! Hopefully with exercise I will be able to keep the weight off.

The cabaret is tonight, and I feel ready to fit into those revealing costumes! Wish me luck, everyone! Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout my fast, it meant the world to me!

Anything you want to do, you can do if you're persistent!

Love always,


p.s... the model is Miranda Kerr, another beautiful Victoria's Secret Angel :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 Pounds Lost! Fasting Day 3/3

Hello beautiful ladies :)

Update, as always!:

Weight: 119
BMI: 18.1

I can hardly believe it. In two days, I've lost a total of 6 pounds. After today, I will hopefully be at my lowest weight EVER! I've never been below 119.

This fast has been extremely hard, but extremely worth it. I've felt exhausted, but at the same time, it feels amazing to look in the mirror in the morning and see what maybe... could be... a fashion model. A girl can dream!

Thanks again for all the encouragement, everyone!! I couldn't do this without you, literally. I'm going to finish strong today for myself, for my art, for all of you!!



p.s... the model is Alessandra Ambrosio, one of my favorite Victoria's Secret Angels!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Fasting Plan - The Breakdown

Hello again, everyone :)

On my last post, A asked what exactly I'm doing on my fast. Although I broke it down in a previous post, I thought I'd lay it out for everyone in a new post. Here it is!:

Intake: Ice water (to burn calories and detox) and teas (to fill me up, burn calories, and take in antioxidants)

Outtake: 25 minutes cardio (to burn fat), 25 minutes strength training (to build lean muscle), and 10 minutes stretching (to relieve stress)

Sleep: about 7 hours a night (typically less sleep is needed while fasting)

Thanks so much to all of you for your encouragement and support! This blog is one of the things that has kept me going. It means a lot to inspire people :)

I also just want to add a note about HOW much weight I lost in one day. 3.5 pounds is not typical. The typical person loses about 1 pound per day while water/tea fasting. My hypothesis is that the reason I lost more weight more efficiently is the exercise. If any of you desire to lose a lot of weight quickly on a fast, exercise is key. Even if you're exhausted, like I was after a 4 hour rehearsal and another 3 hour rehearsal today. If you're determined enough, you can do anything!

You really do all mean a lot to me. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best. :)


p.s... I hope to finish strong on the fast tomorrow. I want to look darn sexy in my cabaret!!! :)

Lost 3.5 Pounds!!!! Fasting Day 2/3

Hello everyone!

Here's the update!:

Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5

A total weight loss of 3.5 pounds. In one day! I have to say, I'm extremely proud of myself, because yesterday I almost gave in. Around 5pm I got extremely hungry and toyed with the idea of getting dinner after rehearsal. However, after rehearsal I realized I didn't really need the food, went back to the dorms, and did my 1-hour workout! I finished the day strong, and obviously, it paid off!

Day 2 I almost decided to make into a raw foods day, but when I stepped on the scale this morning, it made me realize that this fast is indeed worth it and if anything, needed! My body is getting rid of tons of toxins. So, I've decided to finish the fast strong, because now I realize I can, and then on Thursday start a raw foods diet for the first time, limiting myself to 1300 calories a day.

I'm so happy. I'm losing weight, the sun is shining, I got to sleep in this morning, my show is just over the horizon. And I will be ready for it.

I feel fulfilled.


p.s... the model is Karen Elson. She pretty much rocks! :)