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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Update: Back to Under 1000 Calories & Thinspo

June 28 Weigh-in:

Weight: 122
BMI: 18.55

So disappointed. I thought 1200 calories a day was working for me! I was happy because I was losing weight and was doing something healthy for my body. However, for some reason I started gaining the weight back - even though I stayed true to 1200 calories and had been exercising daily. I went from 123 to 120.5, then back to 122. Sigh. Oh well, back to under 1000 calories I go! I gave the healthy way a shot... I guess there just is no healthy way to be underweight. Which yes, my friends, is what I want!

Stay thin, ladies! Sorry I haven't had time to comment on your blogs. How is everyone doing???


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Losing Weight Eating 1200 Calories a Day & Thinspo :)

June 27 Weigh-in:

Weight: 120.5
BMI: 18.32

YESSSSSSSSSS! I am FINALLY in my desired BMI range again!! Yes, I am fully aware that my desired BMI range is technically underweight and unhealthy - but to be completely honest, being slightly underweight, weighing just slightly less than a normal person, makes me happy. It makes me feel accomplished and beautiful and special. That's how I feel now. And it's great :)

Now, to go into HOW I reached my desired weight range again - eating 1200 calories a day! No, not joking. I haven't been dieting or severely restricting - no, I've been doing this HEALTHILY, because I haven't been over-exercising, either! Only an hour a day, sometimes less. I wonder how long the weight will keep going down. Only time will tell! I've set my goal for 117.5 by next Sunday. This is subject to change, but I'm throwing it out there for now. I am so happy!!

Btw, fitday.com is a great tool that I highly recommend for anyone looking to lose weight! It makes counting calories a cinch. It has aided me in my weight loss so far :)

Think thin, ladies!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You guys ROCK! :) My first day on a raw food diet & thinspo :)

June 22 Weigh-in:

Weight: 121.8
BMI: 18.5

Thanks so much for all your comments on raw foodism! It's true that raw foodism can be a pretty vague concept, so for the sake of clarity I'll define what I see raw foodism as :) Basically, I see raw foodism as a diet based around vegetables, fruits, and nuts & seeds. None of that eating raw beef stuff for me... ew, ew, ew! Just my opinion - I've been pescatarian for over 4 years, so the thought of eating raw meat (other than sushi) is revolting to me! Anyway... day 1 eating raw (by my definition):

The night before my raw food day I decided that my diet would consist of vegetables, fruits, and nuts & seeds. I also decided that I would take a multivitamin and consume water and herbal tea when not eating. I felt wonderful all day, even without caffeine (something I had been depending greatly upon). I also noticed a lot of toxins being flushed out of my body throughout the day. This morning, I didn't weigh any less than the day before - probably because I allowed myself to eat all of the vegetables, fruits, and vegetable protein I desired - but I also noticed my belly looks flatter, probably because of all the toxins I've flushed out. So maybe a raw food diet could take longer for one to lose weight, but once all these toxins are flushed out of my body, I'm bound to lose a pound or two!

I went to lunch with my boyfriend, so I'm eating vegetarian today :) However, I am going to make raw foodism my goal. It's amazing.

Stay strong!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Raw foodism - Opinions, anyone? & thinspo, of course :)

June 21 Weigh-in:

Weight: 121.8
BMI: 18.5

I find constantly counting calories and measuring everything out every day to be a nuisance. I've been reading up on and learning a lot about raw foodism lately. Supposedly it is not only a great diet for attaining and maintaining a low weight, but it also is incredibly healthy. I've decided to eat a raw food diet the majority of the time. I'm the kind of person who HAS to splurge every now and then, so a 100% commitment to raw foodism will not be possible for me. What's the point of being skinny if you can't live a little? :) Or simply enjoy your favorite foods every now and then? That's what I think, anyway.

So, do any of you have any experience with raw foodism? What are your opinions of it? Just curious :)

Think thin!


Friday, June 17, 2011

I have been a really bad blogger... photos of me :)

Hello, ladies :)

Sorry that I have been such a bad blogger! Every day I go online with the good intention of updating, only to run out of time and move on to other things. This summer so far has been crazy for me as far as my weight and diet is concerned. I am still under 125 - hitting that number again would be my biggest trigger EVER. I will never go above that number, so help me. Anyway, being at home has opened up a world of temptations that I have found myself succumbing to. I no longer have complete control over my eating habits due to the watchful eyes of my family members and as a result, I am currently a lovely 123, BMI 18.7. It's not the end of the world, but it's weird after being used to so easily slipping under 115. I rather miss it. I am comforted by the fact that in a few months, I will be off to college and will be able to resume eating however I like. On the other hand, I treasure this time with my family at home and I am learning to love my body again - although my eating habits are still incredibly irregular. I am, after all, still technically underweight, something I hope to always be, something I will succeed at being as long as I stay under 125. And I will.

How has everyone been? I miss you all. I'm sorry that I have not commented on your blogs like normal. Stay strong. xoxo


p.s... I weighed in at 122, BMI 18.5 when these photos were taken :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Someone asked for a summary... so here it is! :)

Someone asked for a summary awhile back of what I eat on a typical day when I am not fasting. I did not forget your request, curious person :) So, here's today's summary!:

-cocoa puffs (117)
-mixed fruit (61)
-vanilla soymilk (120)
-mini pizzas (140)
-salad, no dressing (50)
-sunflower seeds (187)
-cocoa puffs, again (117)
-apple (52)
-vanilla soymilk, again (120)
-mini crunch bar (52)
-mini brownie batter mixer (390)
-single serve popcorn (110)
TOTAL: 1516 calories

-1 hour stair step machine (477)
-5 minute ab workout (35)
-10 minute stretch (34)
TOTAL: 546


I like to get my total under 1000 on a typical day. I succeeded today. Yay! I also burned more than recorded because I played kickball for an hour today (no idea how to calculate calories burned for that) and walked to Dairy Queen instead of driving (forgot to time it). Hope this is helpful :)

Think thin!!


You know that thing I said about finishing the fast? Well, about that...

June 8 Weigh-in:

Weight: 115
BMI: 17.5
Total pounds lost: 5.5

Hello, ladies. So, this morning I broke the fast. This, however, was not without reason. When I woke up this morning, I felt horrible. I could barely stand up and felt nauseous. I was dizzy, so much so that I couldn't even stand up as I brushed my teeth - I had to sit down. So, I decided to be a smart little girl and listen to my body and EAT. Breakfast was yummy :) I love how after a fast, food tastes so much better. I also learned something else...

I shouldn't have set my goal BMI for this fast in the anorexic BMI range anyway. Yes, I want to be underweight, and I've found that I can be underweight and still be healthy. So, I've set for myself a BMI range of 17.5-19, no more, no less. So why did I make my goal for this fast a BMI of 17.4?? Who knows. All I know now is that I can't let myself do that ever again, because I know once I start setting lower goals, I'll just keep setting lower and lower ones until I have major health issues and won't even look attractive. I know some of you have set BMI goals lower than mine, and that's fine. This is just what I need to do for myself, so don't feel I'm criticizing your goals. I just need to stay true to what I know is best for me, and not shoot lower just because others are. This fast taught me that. Thank you, fasting!!

You really can learn so much about yourself from fasting. If you haven't tried it before, you should :) Think thin, ladies!!