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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thin has always been in - Thinspo of the past :)


Intake: 852
Outtake: 2268

Audrey Hepburn stood at 5'7 and weighed 110 pounds, putting her at the slim BMI of 17.23. Her measurements were 32-20-35 - that's right, the same measurements as me, only her waist was 4 inches smaller! Can you imagine having a 20-inch waist?? Crazy!!

Well, tomorrow I have my first open call! I'm super nervous, because I really want to sign with this agency. Their models have appeared in campaigns for major national and international companies including: A&F, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabana, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Gap, Sketchers, etc. etc. I want this so much. Although of course I am going to do everything to be professional, positive, and friendly, I need to remember that in the end, they'll choose to represent me or not because of my look, not so much my personality. I'm putting my best forward, but in the end, they either like my look or they don't. So much pressure! And yet really, in the end it's just about looking good, or what they think is good, or not. So weird.

I hope everyone had a great day. Take care!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SUCCESS!!! & Thinspo :)

5'8 Model of the day: Anna Rudenko
Agency: Premier Model Management
Bust: 32
Waist: 22.5
Hips: 35
Women Shoe: 4
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey

Great news!! I received replies from 3 agencies so far. Two of them, Arquette Agency and Privileged Model Management, want to meet me in person and invited me to open calls! Models 1 Agency, however, told me that I am "very pretty" but they don't think I am right for their agency. At least they left me with a compliment!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on my snapshots and your encouragement!! Jenn, thank you so much for your comment on my head shot specifically! I was nervous to take photos without makeup, so it's nice to hear that someone thinks I look better without makeup than with :)

I hope everyone has a great day! Stay strong and stay thin! xoxo


Monday, July 25, 2011

Snapshots, Monday Weigh-In, & Modeling :)

July 25 Weigh-in:

Weight: 115.2
BMI: 17.52
Measurements: 32-24-35

I've officially applied to 10 agencies! I sent the snapshots above to the agencies. Any thoughts/opinions/feedback? :) Be honest if you choose to share!

I was surprised when I weighed in at 115.2 today, because I ate just under 1200 calories yesterday, but nonetheless, I am happy because I'm in the lower end of my weight range!

Here's to another great week :)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marie Eve Nadeau, Modeling, & Apartment :)

5'8 Model of the Day: Marie Eve Nadeau
Agency: DNA Models
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Bust: 34
Waist: 24.5
Hips: 34.5
Shoes: 9

I've finally decided to do it. I am going to apply to 11 modeling agencies: 7 major agencies and 4 local agencies. To keep myself inspired, I am going to feature a 5'8 model from one of the agencies I'm applying to with every post. Depending on where I weigh in tomorrow, I am going to either take my snap shots tomorrow or wait until Thursday. I hope I can take them tomorrow because the sooner they're taken, the sooner I can start applying! Of course I will post the snap shots on here afterwards :) You girls deserve a photo update, any way! I'm so excited. Please wish me luck, send me good vibes, pray for me, whatever suits you! This means so much to me and any support I can receive would mean the world :)

AJ, just to clarify, under 1000 calories is my intake. So, regardless of how many calories I burn throughout the day, I still make eating under 1000 calories my goal. So far, it has helped me stay within my range :)

On a side note not related to weight, my boyfriend, a friend, and I decided to get an apartment together for the coming school year! I'm so excited because I really don't want to dorm this year, and the apartment we found is perfect. It only cost $595 (which split 3 ways is totally doable) and it's located downtown, only 3 miles from the university! Plus being downtown will put me within walking distance of quite a few potential jobs! Unless I make it big with modeling, that is... haha! :)

I hope everyone is doing well! Love you, ladies!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Why, Today's Stats, & Thinspo :)

Today's Stats:

Intake: 708
Outtake: 2073
Weight: 115.8

Why do I do what I do? Because I want to look... no... I want to BE one of the girls above. I want to be a model - thin, perfect, beautiful, captivating to everyone. I want to be able to put on anything and look fabulous, wear a bikini without shame.

AJ asked me what my plan is for maintaining my weight. Well, for now I plan on sticking to under 1000 calories a day. Not because I still want to lose weight (I have set a limit for myself anyway - 113.6!) but because I want to see what my body will do before I start adding more calories to my intake. I don't want to add too many calories right away and end up gaining all the weight back! So for now, under 1000 calories, and if I go below 113.6, I'll start adding more :)

Thanks so much to everyone for your congratulations :) It really means a lot to me! As you can see, I am already up .2 pounds today, probably because of the china buffet I went to yesterday! But, here is the wonderful thing - I went to the buffet and was able to ENJOY it, instead of being totally afraid of it. I haven't felt that way about eating out in a long time. It was refreshing. I just took a plate, filled it with all my favorites, and left it at that. No seconds, just one plate of my favorites. And it was yummy :)

Take care, girls, and stay strong!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Weigh-in, Thinspo, & UGW REACHED!! :D

July 11 Weigh-in:

Weight: 120
BMI: 18.24

July 18 Weigh-in:

Weight: 115.6
BMI: 17.58

I am SO STOKED that I've finally reached my UGW again!! My plan from here on out is to maintain between 113.6-117.6. My reasoning for this is that I know that I am going to naturally have days when I eat less and days when I eat more, and I don't want to get discouraged over a pound in either direction. However, the range does keep me in check. Wish me luck, maintaining is tricky!!

GoxXy requested information of how many calories I eat a day, so I decided to post my calorie count from last week, because I definitely don't eat exactly the same amount of calories every day!

Monday: 894
Tuesday: 741
Wednesday: 574
Thursday: 2555 (haha)
Friday: 763
Saturday: 741
Sunday: 716

Hope that helps! Have a beautiful day, everyone!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

116, This Week's Goal, & Thinspo :)

July 17 Weigh-in:

Weight: 116
BMI: 17.64

I am currently stuck at 116, just .4 pounds away from my UGW, but I will overcome!!

This coming week, my goal is not to binge. I only had one binge day this last week, but if I can successfully restrict this whole next week, I'll be to my UGW without a doubt :)

Stay strong, ladies!! xoxo