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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ahhhh so happy!! :) 116.6 & thinspo :)

July 14 Weigh-in:

Weight: 116.6
BMI: 17.73

Just a side note about the photos: I am in no way encouraging smoking by including photos with skinny girls smoking! I happen to think smoke looks really neat in photos, but I am not a smoker myself and if one want to be thin and have great skin as well, do NOT smoke. There are other, healthier ways to suppress one's appetite! Also, more amazing thinspo can be found at this link here. :)

Soooo... as is presented above, I weighed in at 116.6 this morning!! I'm so happy. I'm only a pound away from my goal, and then I can start the even more difficult task of maintaining that weight. I think I'm doing a good thing by giving myself 2 pounds up or down on the scale when trying to maintain - I didn't do that last time I reached my goal weight, and when I gained even a pound it made me frustrated and well... you can guess the cycle from there, because here I am losing again! But I'm almost there :)

Speaking of being almost there, I'm really hoping my date with my friend today doesn't throw me for a loop! I'm hoping to go for soup and salad as was recommended to me by two of you lovely ladies, but soup can be difficult as I am a vegetarian and restaurants seem to rarely offer soups without meat. Anyway, wish me luck! I'm only a pound away from my goal, I can't screw this up!!

Have a beautiful day, everyone :)



  1. So happy for your Lita!!!! You will be okay today - opt for salad salad and more salad! :)
    stay strong!

  2. Hopefully there will be a vegetarian soup for you to go with your salad. I hope you enjoy lunch. Congrats on the loss. Stay strong.

  3. Good job I'm proud of you , maybe you can order broccoli soup if they have it
    take care <3

  4. Well done lovely. Thank you for your advice re: my weight range, I shall give it some thought, maybe I am being too harsh on myself?

    Love AJ xx

  5. hey thanks for the advice with the scales. I cannot believe your progress your bmi is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to be you haha ima try to do what you do and get my bmi that low. congrats any more advice you have for me would be much appreciated!

  6. You are almost there!!! Well done...
    Good luck with your date...tell us how it go!!


  7. You are doing amazingly well.
    I am so proud of you!
    I hope your date goes well.
    Keep up the awesome work!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  8. Congrats! Good luck! And lovely pictures :)