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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Weigh-in, Thinspo, & UGW REACHED!! :D

July 11 Weigh-in:

Weight: 120
BMI: 18.24

July 18 Weigh-in:

Weight: 115.6
BMI: 17.58

I am SO STOKED that I've finally reached my UGW again!! My plan from here on out is to maintain between 113.6-117.6. My reasoning for this is that I know that I am going to naturally have days when I eat less and days when I eat more, and I don't want to get discouraged over a pound in either direction. However, the range does keep me in check. Wish me luck, maintaining is tricky!!

GoxXy requested information of how many calories I eat a day, so I decided to post my calorie count from last week, because I definitely don't eat exactly the same amount of calories every day!

Monday: 894
Tuesday: 741
Wednesday: 574
Thursday: 2555 (haha)
Friday: 763
Saturday: 741
Sunday: 716

Hope that helps! Have a beautiful day, everyone!



  1. Congrats and being back to your UGW! Good luck with maintaining.

  2. Aaah congats! :D I'm so happy for you! :D You're a major inspiration to me,and I hope I'll be successful as you in my weight loss! :)

  3. I reached mine today too, scale at 104.3lbs, BMI 17.1. Yay for us! I hope to maintain between 103 and 107 (from your advice), a bit scared at how this will go... What is your calorie plan for maintaining? Do you have a BMR you will try to stick to? On reaching my UGW I am all of a sudden flummoxed!

    Love AJ xxx

  4. Ahhh! CONGRATS!!! You deserve a party :)

  5. Congrats on achieving your goal !! I'm so happy for you.This gives me the strength to reach mine :D

  6. Yayy! You're back :D!
    Good luck with maintaining(:

  7. Way to go, Lita!!!
    That is SO amazing.
    You should be incredibly proud of yourself.
    All the hard work you have done has paid off.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  8. That is awesome! I am so happy for you that you have gotten to where you want to be! I agree, you need a party =P. Good luck maintaining, I am sure you can do it. Stay strong