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Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's been a whole week! I'm so sorry!!!

Today's Stats:

Weight: 115
BMI: 17.5
Intake: 1219
Outtake: 520
Total: 699

Hello, ladies :) It's been an entire week since I posted last! I sincerely apologize, especially to my most dedicated followers, but let me explain! I really needed the break from blogging. I found myself in a position of not knowing what I want and on top of that not knowing how to articulate my confusion to all of you. So, I took a week to speculate and pull myself together. And now I'm back :)

Here's what I discovered on my blogging break: My summer goals!! For the summer, I want to 1) Eat healthy 2) Burn at least 500 calories a day in exercise and 3) Maintain a weight of 116-120. If I go above 120, I'm going to fast. I think this will be much healthier than my hardcore restricting habits, because I will fast every now and then instead of most of the time. Also burning more calories in exercise instead of restricting them will help me tone up! What do you think of this plan, ladies? Any suggestions/comments/etc?

amber-angelxo: I've only told two people about my eating habits - my boyfriend and one of my best friends. I told my boyfriend about it after he confessed to me that he struggles with a minor case of depression - it all came out in a little heart-to-heart session, and I think for the better. I want him to understand me and accept me even for the slightly crazy parts of me, and I'm happy to find that he always does :) As for my best friend, she struggles with a BED so she totally understands where I am coming from. We have such a great friendship because we support each other in everything. I love her :)

Thin thin!



  1. Good plan! :) staying healthy is the key, just try not to fast for too long xxx

  2. I think that is a great plan. It should help you with your tone and being healthy is always great!

  3. It's a miracle once you discover you can eat more food than you thought and still lose weight. Not to mention it lessens the bad side effects. It sounds like you have a winning plan! Well I'm glad they took it well :) good luck with your plan! I hope you can stick to it! Ahh of course you will :P

  4. Good job :) and toning up is perfect for summer its a good healthy plan and i know you will succeed <3

  5. I noticed you hadn't been on. I'm glad you had some self discovery time and are wanting to have healthy summer goals. The goals sound very manageable.

  6. Great blog! I'm glad I found you right as you were coming back. :)

    It's nice that you and your boyfriend are so close. I could never tell my husband about my ED even though I've struggled with it for YEARS.

    Toning up will be a great way to look perfect in a little bikini - your boyfriend will LOOOVE it!

    Stay strong, pretty lady!

  7. I wish my BF could be understanding as yours is but he is such a worrier and wouldn't be able to leave me to it. Omitting the truth isn't as bad as outright lying right? I don't wanna become the girl I was hiding food under tables, pretending I have eaten breakfast by chucking a bit of milk and flakes of cereal in a bowl.

    Your plan is inspiring. When I get to where I want to be (not exactly sure where that is yet) I want to do something similar, although I don't fast. I will just exercise more or something!

    Good to have you back, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog,

    Love AJ xx

  8. The plan sounds good to me. I should probably try exercising more as well :)

  9. Good plan :D You are such an inspiration to me..I hope one day I will eat that many calories and lose weight,or at least maintain..but now,I'm just too scared to gain ..

    I would really like to see your usuall daily meal plan once,or just what you ate that day..I mean,you don't have to..Just take that as a suggestion :)

    And you're very lucky to have a BF and a friend like that..I sometimes,really want someone to talk to,someone who understands me..

  10. That sounds awesome!!! YOU CAN DO IT :)

    P.S. awesome thinspo!

  11. I personally think you are doing absolutely amazing.
    I am so proud of you! :D
    Your plan sounds wonderful, and I know you will have no problem sticking to it!
    Hope things are going fabulously for you; you deserve it!
    Hang in there and stay strong love. <3