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Sunday, June 5, 2011

3 Day Fast - Who's With Me? :)

Hello everyone!

First off, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who took the time to comment on my last post. I really needed to hear those words. AJ, what you said really rung true to me: "Blogging can bring comfort, knowing you are not alone in your thoughts, but then sometimes, alone in your thoughts is all you want to be." I think you pretty much summed up everything I was trying to say in that last post in one sentence! You all helped me remember that my blog is simply for me to record my thoughts, share with a community that has become dear to me, and perhaps inspire a few wonderful people along the way. Thanks so much to everyone for being so understanding and insightful. You all rock :)

So... exciting things are on the horizon! On Friday, I graduate. From high school. FINALLY. I'm so excited!! I have loved going to art school for the past 2 years... it has been SUCH a fantastic experience... but, I'm ready to move on. Start a new chapter in life. So, to prepare, I have decided to embark on a 3 day fast.

I fast for so many reasons. One, the most obvious perhaps, is the weight loss. I usually lose an average of 2 pounds each day I water/tea fast, so it's a quick way to lose weight. I also fast to gain focus, insight, determination. This time, I want to fast specifically to get ready for an event that is truly a milestone in my life - my high school graduation. I want to look stunning as I receive my diploma, and I want to meditate on everything this day means as I go through this fast. Does anyone want to join me on this adventure? It would be nice to have someone to keep in touch with while I fast. :)

Thanks again to everyone for being so fantastic!! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = no food, light exercise, preparation for a long-awaited event. Think thin :)



  1. congrats on being so close to graduation. I remember mine, it was such a great feeling, like closing an old chapter and opening a new empty book to start something new. Good luck with your fast

  2. Your welcome sweetie, glad it has helped :-)
    Good luck with your fast and with graduation!

    AJ xx

  3. Oh, graduation! I was so happy when i graduated, it was perfect time to move on from the past problems ^_^
    Good luck with your fast!

  4. I'll fast with you! :) I started yesterday,(lost 3 pounds already ^_^)and I'm fasting untill Wednesday too :D Contact me on my e-mail if you want. -goxyswety@hotmail.com


  5. Congratulations, Lita!
    Graduation is such an important time in everyone's life.
    I remember mine like it was yesterday.
    The end of one chapter of your life, and the beginning of another.
    I know you will embrace it, make it everything you want it to be and so much more.
    I wish you best of luck with everything; you can do anything you set your mind to. :)
    Hang in there and stay strong, love. <3