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Karlie Kloss
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Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 - Fasting Day 1/3

June 6 Weigh-in:

Weight: 120.5
BMI: 18.3

First off, if you want to see more of the Korean woman featured as thinspo in this post, click here! She has an amazing, extensive gallery and is a truly beautiful and dedicated model. I always love seeing more from her :)

Ahhh, back to fasting :) It's really nice. I haven't done a fast in awhile. I've been restricting and occasionally binging, but I haven't done a full-out fast in probably over a month. One of my favorite little things that happen when I fast is already noticeable - the whites of my eyes are clearing up, becoming whiter and more vibrant. I love it :) I also burned an extra 274 calories today in exercise. I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow!!

Oh, right, goals! I forgot that I haven't shared them yet. I decided that I want to get down to 114.5, a BMI of 17.4. This means that I have to lose an average of 2 pounds per day, which with the exercise on top of the fast, should be doable. The BMI of 17.4 is below my limit of a BMI of 17.5, but I am doing this because I want to be able to indulge during the festivities on Thursday without regrets :) I know I can do this!!

GoxXy: Thanks so much for joining me on this fast! I received your first e-mail and I am pleased that we have the same goal of losing a total of 6 pounds over these 3 days! I know we can do it!

Think thin :)



  1. All the best with your fast :) I hope you reach your goal xxx