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Karlie Kloss
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Healthy Skinny Girl Diet - Weekly Summary, Week 1 :)

Weigh-in (January 16, 2012)

Weight: 130

BMI: 19.76

Bust: 33.5

Waist: 24.5

Hips: 35.5

Mon 16: 927/900

Tues 17: 635/800

Wed 18: 901/900

Thurs 19: 1262/1000

Fri 20: 1033/950

Sat 21: 1015/1100

Sun 22: 978/1100

Weekly calorie total: 6751/6750

Cardio 1: 1 hour walk + 30 min yoga/30 mins

Cardio 2: 1 hour ballet + 10 min yoga/30 mins

Cardio 3: 1 hour ballet/30 mins

Weekly cardio total: 220/90

I am so happy that I decided to include a weekly calorie total and a weekly cardio total, because I feel so much better about the days I went a little over in calories now. The days I went under evened it out so that I did almost perfect, going over by only a calorie! This coupled with going over in exercise by 2 hours excites me for the weigh-in tomorrow. I hope I lost at least 1-3 pounds!!

Sorry I skimped on the last few days. My life has been so busy now that school has started up again. I'm taking 20 credits but I'm having so much fun! Nothing beats being a theater major :)

Here's to Week #2! I can do this!

Kayla Marie (Lita)

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