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Karlie Kloss

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scattered Pieces

Hello, everyone!

I seem to be very jumbled lately, unable to harness control. Since coming home for spring break I have given into the temptations of food, and, well, I'm not sure what to think of it, except that I know life is simply an unending journey and so I am certain to learn something from this whole experience. I have been thinking about my goals in what I hope is a better perspective, and here it is:

I really do believe that "underweight" is beautiful, underweight being anywhere from a 16 to an 18.5 BMI. Anything lower than 16 is unhealthy (yes, I do believe "underweight" can be healthy, thus the quotation marks) and anything above 18.5... well, it can be beautiful, but not for me. I want that slim, gorgeous, model body, and I will have it! Here's my plan:

Lita's Thinspired Checklist

  • Prioritize: Water, coffee and green tea, juice and diet soda, celery and lettuce, diet pills and laxatives, food

  • Eat less than a thousand calories/day

  • Workout routine: Run four miles, 500 squats, 5 min wall sit, 200 leg lifts, 1000 crunches, 500 side benders, 200 push ups

  • Stand as much as possible, don't sit

  • Sleep 8 hours

  • Wear light make up

  • Smile and laugh all the time

    My goal is to maintain a weight anywhere between 106-122.5 pounds, no more, no less. Hopefully my checklist above will help me reach that goal. If I need to modify it I will.

    Thank goodness for this blog. It helps me organize my thoughts. And thanks to you, my readers. You are cherished and beautiful :)




  1. I love your work out plan. Gonna copy and paste, that to my phone for my next work out. I know you can reach your goal goodluck!

  2. Yay!! I'm glad you like it and it will be useful to you :) It kicked my butt!!