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Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26: 600 - Back to Healthy Dieting

May 26 Stats:

Weight: 116
BMI: 17.6
Intake: 593
Outtake: 604
Total: -11

Thinspo of the day is Carolyn Murphy, a top model I'd never heard of! I was browsing about who the highest paid models in the world are, and Carolyn Murphy came in 10th! She is also the only American model on the list. See the rest of the beauties here. :)

So, my break day only caused a gain of 1.5 pounds, which isn't bad at all! I'm totally happy at 116 and hopefully after today I'll be at a nice, round 115 (which I have yet to hit! I keep bouncing back and forth from 114 to 116, but I have yet to weigh an even 115!). Also, I've been thinking... I'm able to lose weight on extreme calories diets SO easily... it's a great tool that I've learned to use but if I don't have to use it, why should I? I've been thinking about your comment, amber-angelxo, and your comment actually happened at the most coincidental time because I'd actually been considering that myself! Maybe I DON'T have to restrict so much and will still be able to maintain 115. For awhile, all I cared about was being 115, and that still means a lot to me. However, I'm gaining back the desire to be healthy again, and if I can be 115 and eat healthy... why not try? Why not try to do things the healthy way again? I think I'm going to, starting tomorrow, by calculating how many calories I burn during a day with no exercise and having that be my intake. My goal will be to burn 250-500 calories a day. So long, 2468! You were a great experience, but I'm through with you!

Think thin, ladies!


p.s... I would highly recommend 2468 to anyone wanting to lose weight fast! On my first 5 days I lost 9.5 pounds (that was with having my intake and my outtake be about the same, though). If anyone has any questions about the diet, ask away! :)


  1. You never disappoint! Good luck finding a plan that works! You seem to have your body all figured out. :) I on the other hand HAVE to stop being such a food addict. By the way just wondering, doesn anyone else know about your eating habits?

  2. I'm glad you want to be healthy. Good luck.

  3. Once I get past this paranoia about eating anything, I will definitely try the 2468. I've always wanted to :)

  4. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your running questions about sore hips and blistered feet. I haven't experienced sore hips but for both things in the first instance I would recommend getting properly fitted for running shoes. There are 3 different foot types (underpronators, neutrals and overpronators) and if you don't wear the right running shoes for your type it can cause a whole host of aches and pains. Loads of specialist sports and running stores do gait analysis for free (they'll measure your feet, look at your old shoes and watch you running on a treadmill) and I really recommend it! Also for blisters, you can get proper running socks with two layers that prevent blistering as they rub together when you run instead of your skin layers rubbing.

    Hope that has been some help, any other questions feel free to ask and I will try and reply sooner! (under revision stress atm!)

    AJ x