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Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss

Saturday, May 7, 2011

MKC Day 6


Weight: 118
BMI: 17.9

Another half pound lost for a total of 5.5 pounds in 6 days! Only 2 more pounds to go. I can do this :)


Calories: 5
Rice 160 cal, soy sauce 20 cal, carrots 25 cal, apple 52 cal, mocha light frappuccino 100 cal, peanut butter 95 cal, chocolate 27 cal, chip 15 cal, total 494 cal
Exercise: 6
30 min stair step machine, 30 min ballet, 30 min yoga, total 1 1/2 hours
Water: 10
Over 9 glasses
Sleep: 10
8 hours
Bonus: 10
Did it
Total: 41/50

As promised, I took it a bit easier today. It was nice to enjoy a little bit more food today, although I had to turn down free cupcakes, muffins, and fudge (which was so hard!!)! Well, not really turn down - I took some and I put them in a Tupperware container for when I have more calories to spare :) Ah, dorm life and free food - fantastic, but brings about temptations!!

Today has really just been a great day for me. I went to the fitness center today and since I had already worked out earlier, I just went and laid in the steam room. I can definitely see a difference in my skin! It was so nice. Oh, and might I say, I look SO much better in a bikini now that I am down 5.5 pounds!! I'm looking more and more like a model, and it thrills me! I plan on posting more pictures for all of you once I reach my goal weight (which isn't far away!! Ahhh!!)

To my followers who commented on my last post: Thank you so much for your encouragement! You girls are amazing. I appreciate you so much :)

Enjoy the thinspo!




  1. Wow talk about self control :P cupcakes, muffin,s and fudge? I would've died! way to go! what did you think to resist all THAT?

  2. you're doing amazing!! i'm so proud! and seriously, how can you avoid free cupcakes!?! jealousss.

  3. Great job!! ur a big inspiration to me <3

  4. free food is the worst! THere is always so much of it at work. I always avoid the table that has the snacks, that seems to help with temptation.

    ~ H