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Karlie Kloss
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Today kicked my butt!!! :P MKC Day 5


Weight: 118.5
BMI: 18

So I only lost half a pound since yesterday, but altogether I've lost a total of 5 pounds in 4days! I realize it's only going to get harder as I get closer to my goal of 116. Only 2 and a half pounds to go!

The breakdown:

Calorie intake: 8
(Soup 250 cal, carrots 25 cal, apple 52 cal, total 327 cal)
Exercise: 8
(30 min stair step machine, 35 min weights, 55 min yoga, total 2 hours)
Water intake: 10
(More than 9 glasses)
Sleeping hours: 10
(8, as usual)
Bonus points: 10
(Did it)
Total for today: 46/50

Today, it was hard for me to keep going. I kept getting the desire to binge but then I'd remember how badly I want that 116, and I stayed away from it. I also felt too weak to workout, but I made myself do it anyway. I planned on scoring 46 today and I wanted to follow through. However, I realize I need to take it easy this weekend, especially if I need to continue on with the challenge into next week. My plan is to score around a 40 on the weekends and around a 45 during the week. I keep hearing in my head, "Don't push yourself too hard", and it's true - there comes a point when your body needs a rest, and I'm going to take one (but not really... lol. I still really want to reach my goal, and I'm so close!!)

amber-angelxo: Thank you so much!! It's getting harder as I lose weight but I'm not going to stop, and that's the most important thing :)

Thin_Envy: I'm so glad you're going to start the challenge! It's really fun and I've already learned a lot from it. No regrets so far :)

Enjoy the thinspo :)




  1. Congrats on the high loss! and for doing so well on the challenge

  2. I'm glad you're taking it a little easier, you need to listen to your body (you should take at least 1 rest day a week!) You've got amazing results- congrats! :) xxx

  3. You're a friggin Rockstar

  4. iamsojealousofhowsmallyourswis!!!!! lol congrats though, half a pound is definitely better than like +5 o.o i think i would die if i magically gained like 5 pounds overnight....... omg don't think about it!!! you are so close to your goal, i just know you will get there.... maybe by the end of this week? i'm almost sure of it :] lol 'books not binges!!!' <333