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Monday, May 9, 2011

MKC Day 8 - Whining = DONE!

Hello ladies :)


Weight: 117
BMI: 17.8

Not one pound lost since yesterday. Oh well, I'm not giving up! Also, I want to apologize for how whiny and pessimistic my last post was. I just got done doing a 2 hour workout, feel great, and am in a much better mood, so this post should be more positive!


Calories: 8
Brownie 243 cal, 2 apples 104 cal, total 347 cal
Exercise: 8
1 hour walk, 30 min ballet, 30 min yoga, total 2 hours
Water: 10
Sleep: 10
8 hours
Bonus: 10
Did it
Total: 46/50

I really hope the scale shows 116 tomorrow. I've been working so hard, I deserve it. Even if the numbers aren't what I'd like right now, I'm loving my new chiseled abs :) I'll have to post pictures once I reach my goal!!

I think I've come up with my plan of action once I reach 116:

Exercise: 1 hour (or more)/day
Calories: 1160 (or less)/day
Water: 10 or more
Sleep: 8 or more
Other: Blog and weigh myself daily


On a side note: the photos are of Candice Swanepoel, a stunning VS Angel who is currently being criticized by the media for being "too skinny", and her contract with VS is at stake because of it. I for one think she is stunning, and I would love to look like her.

Thanks again to all you girls for being so supportive :) You're the best!

Think thin,


1 comment:

  1. At least there's no gain! It's good that you've decided on what you'll do when you reach your goal! I still don't know how much I should eat or what. :$ Hopefully I'll find out by trial and error or something before I mess it all up!
    Pshhh she is NOT too skinny, she is GORGEOUS. I would KILL for her body.
    Keep up the great work! <3