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Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me Vs. Supermodels!!

So basically this post is just pics of me in a swimsuit next to photos of swimsuit models. How do I compare, ladies? :)

Of course, like every other girl I've started thinking about swimsuit season. These pictures are of me last summer. What can I improve? Those are my thoughts right now.

Here's the update, with some more interesting stats added in:

Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5
Measurements: 32-25-35
Body fat %: 13.92
Waist to hip ratio: .7

I feel so good lately. I have been doing a lot more weight training and I feel strong and sexy. I'm loving my body, and I'm enjoying food. It's so nice. I hope the changes last.

Love always,


p.s... I highly recommend the video "Slim Sculpt" by Ellen Barrett. It's AWESOME for toning the arms, abs, and inner thighs!!


  1. You look great! Alessandra has nothing on you! :)

  2. wow. You have a really good body! enjoy it :)
    just saying hello from a new follower you and your blog are lovely.