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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another 3-Day Fast!

Hello ladies :)

Sorry for the period of no posts! I was very busy with school, the cabaret and my boyfriend these past few days. Speaking of the cabaret, it was AMAZING, and I felt so hot in my costumes!! Unfortunately my camera batteries died and I didn't get any pictures :( I'm so so sorry for that because one of you requested pictures! I tried, honest!! I promise I'll have more pictures getting closer to the summer when I am getting ready for my bikini. Speaking of getting ready...

It's time for another 3-day fast. Not for any particular reason this time, but more just because I need to, for myself. Since the cabaret got over on midnight, I have been binging like a crazy lady. It's to be expected since I have been starving myself and working out like mad for the past week. However, I feel uber icky now and fasting always gets rid of that icky feeling. So here's my plan this time (per day):

Intake: Water
Outtake: 25 minutes cardio, 35 minutes weights, stretching
Sleep: 8 hours

My reason for just water this time is that the tea eventually started making me feel sick on my last fast. Also, I want to up my weight training because I really want to start seeing those nicely shaped arms and abs again. The explanation for the extra hour of sleep: I just plain need it.

As of now, I have absolutely no idea what I weigh. To be honest, I'm scared to go on the scale tomorrow, but at the same time I'm not because I know I'm going to kick my own butt over the next 3 days and get back into shape FAST. My goal weight... I'm thinking around 116.5, a pound less than after my last fast, a BMI of 17.7. I really liked how thin I looked at 117.5, however, my desire to be thinner is getting stronger. It really feels so great to be thin. If only food wasn't so addicting!!

Please wish me luck, ladies! Only 3 full days of school this week, and then I get to go home and be with the people I love. I'm so excited. :) I'll keep you posted on how this fast goes!

Love always,


p.s... As you've probably already figured out, the model I featured today is Ann Ward, the winner of cycle 15 of ANTM! I chose her because of her amazing legs!

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