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Karlie Kloss
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Fasting Plan - The Breakdown

Hello again, everyone :)

On my last post, A asked what exactly I'm doing on my fast. Although I broke it down in a previous post, I thought I'd lay it out for everyone in a new post. Here it is!:

Intake: Ice water (to burn calories and detox) and teas (to fill me up, burn calories, and take in antioxidants)

Outtake: 25 minutes cardio (to burn fat), 25 minutes strength training (to build lean muscle), and 10 minutes stretching (to relieve stress)

Sleep: about 7 hours a night (typically less sleep is needed while fasting)

Thanks so much to all of you for your encouragement and support! This blog is one of the things that has kept me going. It means a lot to inspire people :)

I also just want to add a note about HOW much weight I lost in one day. 3.5 pounds is not typical. The typical person loses about 1 pound per day while water/tea fasting. My hypothesis is that the reason I lost more weight more efficiently is the exercise. If any of you desire to lose a lot of weight quickly on a fast, exercise is key. Even if you're exhausted, like I was after a 4 hour rehearsal and another 3 hour rehearsal today. If you're determined enough, you can do anything!

You really do all mean a lot to me. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best. :)


p.s... I hope to finish strong on the fast tomorrow. I want to look darn sexy in my cabaret!!! :)

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