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Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011


Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5

I feel great today. I've been restricting my calories and it's been great for me because it makes my tummy feel flat, not bloated, all day long. I also feel great because I've been building muscle so my clothes fit and look better. I've been sleeping better, too, and having really vivid dreams. Like my dream last night... we won't get into that. This is a fitness/fashion blog, after all!!

I've come up with my plan for this week!

Intake: Restrict my calorie intake by 500 calories everyday. That means today I'm allowed about 1700 calories.
Outtake: Burn 250-500 calories per day. I plan on doing 35 minutes of weights, 20 minutes of cardio, and 5 minutes of stretching everyday to burn about 350 calories!

I love feeling in shape and sexy. I hope this lasts. Oh, one more thing!! I have a photo shoot coming up this weekend, so I plan on doing a water fast the day before the photo shoot to lose any excess weight. I'll post pictures from the shoot once they're available! A gorgeous friend of mine is going to be modeling with me and another friend of mine is the photographer. I'll be practicing in front of the mirror for hours this week. So excited!! Wish me luck!

Lots of love,


p.s... the photos are of some spring fashion, for your enjoyment! :)


  1. building muscle feels so awesome! i'm very glad to say that i'm joining you on building more muscle, because lost a lot of muscle mass when i first started losing weight. but i'm slowly getting back to a healthier lifestyle :]
    good luck on your photo shoot!!! i'm sure you will be beautiful <33

  2. i want to be just like you! thank you for the motivation