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Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss

Friday, April 8, 2011

I've decided to go vegan!

Today in Environmental Science class, we went to this website:


I found out it would take 4.4 earths to support the human population if everyone lived my lifestyle! Whoops. I suppose I should look at going green a bit more!

My first step: I've decided to go vegan! Going vegan would reduce my total to 3.9 earths, which is still wayyyy too many! My goal is obviously to reach one, but one must take baby steps on the way to going green :) For me, being vegan means that I will never eat beef/lamb, poultry, pork, fish, or eggs/milk/dairy. I already don't eat beef/lamb, poultry or pork. Isn't it amazing to see how such a small change, like not eating fish and dairy products, can do? I'm excited to embark on this journey :)


Weight: 121.5
BMI: 18.5

Yesterday, I ended up eating about 1500 calories instead of 1200-1300. Whoops. However, I still lost half a pound!! I don't really know that I have a specific weight goal right now, I'm just glad I didn't gain!

I'll keep you all updated on how my 1200 calorie diet and veganism goes :) Peace, ladies!



p.s... The two supermodels are Jenny Meister and Petra Nemcova. They're both vegans!! :)

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